The Maaniq – The Man That Really Want to be Moved

I want to share about a kind of purpose called adrenalined purpose. I add word ‘adrenalined’ bacause if we do work or activity based on a purpose, sometimes it just end up with unfinished work, maybe because less faith, less passion, too tired, etc.

That’s why we need make a new perception about purpose. What I called adrenalined purpose is a purpose added something that you passioned about, what you love to do, something that make you not asleep over the night, etc.

So this is actually my own problem.

I am not passioned in anything, maybe. Just one or two occasional moment. Other is nothing, just following the river flow. Why? I started to ask myself.

Maybe it blocked by my negative behavior, or negative feeling. Just like a teory of chakra, which it says if the lower cakra is still blocked so the spirit can’t move to higher level of of consciousness, only a little bit perhaps.

The first cakra say that you have to fight against your own fear. Just let it go. All fear is just an illusion. If combined with Islamic way, maybe this is a meaning of shalat shaum etc. This thing also called earth cakra.

Jump to another problem of mine. I’m still finding my road. In java philosophy, it is known as finding Margo Utomo (the main way). The purpose of why we being life. After passing though the main way, we should do Malioboro, means became a Wali (an enlightened man) who do Ngumboro (journey).

How to find Margo Utomo? I don’t know. Maybe we have to find inside ourself. Who are we? What God create you become to? Your role in society? What make you passioned about? What is your inner skill? Etc. I think we have to explore ourself. Seeing picture taken ten twenty year ago. Reviewing our own CV maybe can help. Who are you? You have to find it! It’s the way to find the next step, before you do your journey.

The Maaniq – The Man That really want to be moved